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Population: 2,410 (1990); 4,181 (2000); 4,812 (2006)

Brookline, a small, rustic, wooded town in the southwestern corner of Hillsborough County, was formed from two different tracts of land. One tract was called The Mile Slip because it was one mile wide, and it slipped by other charter grants given to Hollis and Mason. It sat alone--part of no township--until 1769.

That year a group of residents in the southwestern part of Hollis became dissatisfied with their status; they felt their distance from Hollis precluded any real town participation, and they asked the NH General Court to remove them from the Hollis charter and let them join the group of people who lived in The Mile Slip to form a township.

On March 30, 1769, the two tracts containing 70 people and only two framed houses were incorporated under the name of Raby, NH. The name was chosen because several of the settlers were from Raby, England. By 1798, however, the name and reputation of Raby had be sullied by murderers and thieves living int he southern part of town. Thereafter a group of proper citizens residing in the northern section went ot court to change the name to Brookline.

Brookline, with only 20,1 square miles of land and a population under 5,000 is a relatively small town, but the residents like it that way. It is still rural, and one can easily sit beside the old Indian burial grounds on Lake Potanipo to watch the wildlife.

Brookline is within convenient driving distances from the Manchester Airport, Daniel Webster College, Franklin Pierce College, Manchester, and Nashua.

Region: Merrimack Valley
County: Hillsborough
Distance from:
· Manchester, NH: 32 miles
· Boston, MA: 48 miles
· New York, NY: 200 miles
· Montreal, Quebec: 281 miles

Town Hall
Brookline Town Hall
1 Main St.
Brookline, NH 03033
(603) 673-8933 x4

Municipal Information
Government: Selectmen
Planning Board: Appointed
Police Department: Full time
Fire Department: Full time
Nearest Hospital: Southern NH Regional; St. Joseph's (14 miles)

Election Districts
State House District: 46
State Senate District: 12
Executive Council District: 5
U.S. Congress House of Representatives District: 2

Richard Maghakian Memorial School (K - 4)
22 Milford St
Brookline, NH 03033
(603) 673-4640

Captain Douglass Academy (5 - 6)
24 Townsend Hill Rd
(603) 673-0122
Brookline, NH 03033

Hollis Brookline Middle School (7 - 8)
25 Main Street
Hollis, New Hampshire

Hollis Brookline High School
24 Cavalier Court
Hollis, NH 03049

Brookline has a volunteer fire department
Emergency Phone: 911
or (603) 672-8531 (non-emergency)

Police Department
1 Main St.
Brookline, NH 03033
Non-Emergency Phone: (603) 673-3755
Police Dispatch Phone: (603) 465-3636

Brookline Public Library
16 Main St.
Brookline, NH 03033

Electric: PSNH
Gas: None
Water Supplier: Private wells
Sanitation: Private septic
Curbside Trash Pickup: No
Telephone: Verizon
Cable television service: Yes

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