New Durham

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Population: 1,974 (1990); 2,220 (2000); 2,498 (2006)

First known as Cochecho Township, a group of settlers from Durham petitioned the Masonian Proprietors in May of 1749 for a 45 square mile grant of land north of Rochester. In the spring of 1750, the land was surveyed and a plan (map) of numbered lots was drawn up and lots auctioned off. The terms of the settlement were:

There should be forty families settled within five years after peace was proclaimed between the English, French and Indians. Each lot owner was to build a house at least 16 square feet and each family should have three acres cleared within six years and a sawmill within five.

It is not known exactly how many people came in the years between 1750 and 1762. The residents put in a request to the Royal Governor, Benning Wentworth, for recognition in the form of a charter, which would authorize them to have a town government of their own. King Charles III granted the charter and the town was officially born in this wild, wooded land. New Durham is very fortunate to still hold its original Town Charter, only one of a very few known to still exist in the state.

And such was the beginning of “New Durham.”

Taken from excerpts “New Durham Historical Material” by Eloise Bickford and “Origin of the Name”

Region: Lakes Region
County: Strafford
Distance from:
o Manchester, NH: 50 miles
o Boston, MA: 80 miles
o New York, NY: 305 miles
o Montreal, Quebec: 260 miles

Town Hall
Town Clerk
4 Main Street
PO Box 207
New Durham, NH 03855
Phone: 603-859-2091
Fax: 603-859-6644
Alternate Phone: 603-859-0205

Tax Collector
4 Main Street
PO Box 207
New Durham, NH 03855
Phone: 603-859-2091
Fax: 603-859-6644
Alternate Phone: 603-859-0205

Municipal Information
Government: Selectmen
Planning Board: Appointed
Police Department: Full time
Fire Department: Not full time
Nearest Hospital: Frisbee Memorial in Rochester (15 miles)

Election Districts
State House District: 68
State Senate District: 4
Executive Council District: 2
U.S. Congress House of Representatives District: 1

Governor Wentworth Regional School District

New Durham Elementary School
PO Box 212
7 Old Bay Road
New Durham, NH 03855-2212
phone 603.859.2061
fax 603.859.5308

Fire Department
6 Main Street
P.O. Box 207
New Durham, NH 03855
Phone: 603-859-FIRE (3472)
Fax: 603-859-0215

Police Department
4 Main Street
(Mailing address: PO Box 207)
New Durham, NH 03855
Dispatch Phone: 603 859-2751
Office Phone: 603 859-2752
Fax: 603 859-0214

New Durham Public Library
2 Old Bay Rd.
New Durham, NH 03855
Phone: 603-859-2201

Electric: PSNH; NH Electric Coop
Gas: None
Water Supplier: Private wells
Sanitation: Private septic
Curbside Trash Pickup: No
Telephone: Verizon; Union
Cable television service: Yes

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