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Top Ten Best April Fool's Day Pranks For Home and Office

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day, a day for light-hearted gests and mischievous pranks. If you are looking for some fun jokes to play on family and friends, we have you covered. Read these large-scale historical and commercial April Fool's Day pranks for inspiration, and check out our classic joke list below! Leave your best April Fool's pranks in the comments section below or on our Facebook Fan Page!

Best April Fool's Home Pranks
Your home is an April Fool's Day playground!

Dribble Bottle: Prick the bottom of a disposable water bottle with a thumb tack. The water pressure will prevent major leakage until someone opens the cap...

Sugar / Salt: Empty the sugar bowl and salt shaker into cups, then dump the salt into the sugar bowl, and the sugar into the salt shaker.

Unbreakable Eggs: Hard-boil all the eggs in the refrigerator, then place them back into the egg carton.

Kitchen Shower: If your kitchen sink has a sprayer, place a rubber band around the handle to hold it in spray-mode. Then watch when someone turns on the sink and gets a little more water than expected.

Door Splash: Another favorite water prank: Balance a cup of water precariously atop a door so it will fall when someone comes through.

Best April Fool's Office Pranks
Fun tricks if you work in an office environment that appreciates a little April Fool's humor.

Jittery Mouse: This is a tech update on the mouse-ball removal prank: Simply place a piece of opaque tape over the laser sensor on an optical mouse to reduce proper mousing function.

Is that permanent? Terrify your boss by proudly sporting the ugliest temporary tattoo you can find.

Google language: Change google language preferences on your coworker's computer. Go to Search Serrings and Languages, then select from standard languages, or funny languages including "Elmur Fudd," "Pirate," and "Bork bork bork!"

Auto Correct: Open Microsoft Word on your coworker's computer. Click the File menu, then select Word Options at the bottom. Under the Proofing tab, select AutoCorrect Options. From here you can change settings to replace common words with silly ones. For example, every time your coworker types "the," the system will AutoCorrect with the word "banana."

Blue Screen of Death: Perform an Internet image search for "Blue Screen of Death." Save one of the resulting images, and set it as the screen saver image on your coworker's computer.

Please be sure to prank responsibly. Do not use or harm animals with your pranks. Do not seriously offend people or permanently damage other peoples' property. The best April Fools jokes are intended for immediate laughs, not lasting impact.


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