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Jessica is the NH.com Editor and Producer. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Chester College of NE, and a M.Ed. specializing in Adult Education from Plymouth State University. She is happily married and a proud mama of two perfect little boys and is motivated to alert New Hampshirites to the hottest goings-on in the state. Her interests include cracking the spine of a good book, writing, painting and cuddling with her babies on the sofa while some terrible reality TV hums in the background.

Fun Palindromes List for Palindrome Week

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This week has been unofficially dubbed Palindrome Week, because every date this week reads the same backward as forward... 4/16/14, 4/17/14, etc. We won't see this anomaly again until May of next year! This week's coincidence is twice as funny to me, since my husband and I were recently watching an episode of our favorite show, in which a character is mulling over a sentence: "A man, a plan, a canal: Panama." This sentence is also a palindrome; it is spelled the same backward as forward.

Palindromes List
I started trying to remember all of the words and sentences that have stuck with me over the years, simply because they are palindromes. Words like racecar and kayak, and these sentences:

1. Madam, I'm Adam.

2. Never odd or even.

3. Live not on evil.

4. No lemon, no melon.

5. Rise to vote, sir.

Perhaps the cruelest palindrome is the word aibohphobia. Aibohphobia is a humorous noun, defined as the irrational fear of palindromes. Just don't ask an aibohphobiac to explain it to you...

Semordnilap Examples
The reverse-palindrome, also known as an anadrome or semordnilap is a word or sentence that has different meanings when read backward or forward. The most famous semordnilap is probably "redrum" from Stephen King's The Shining. Some more semordnilap examples include: drawer/reward, repaid/diaper, desserts/stressed, pots/stop.

Share your favorite palindromes and semordnilaps in the comments section below, on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter page with #PalindromeWeek!

This weekend is also Easter weekend, which means family-time and more egg hunts! Make sure you visit our NH Easter Egg Hunt map to find egg and bunny events in your New Hampshire area this weekend!

Here's an egg-cellent semordnilap: "A fat egg under a dog!" Find all the red eggs and other Easter fun at NH.com/Easter-Egg!


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