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Michelle is the Digital Media Producer for The Telegraph and NH.com. She spends her workdays searching for things to do in New Hampshire and then putting them into the NH.com event calendar. Michelle is originally from St. Louis but has been in New Hampshire for over 15 years, "I love my home state, but New Hampshire has the mountains, the seacoast and perfect summer days!" She is the mother of 5 children varying in age from 20 to 8 and loves to find inexpensive things to do with her kids. Michelle enjoys New Hampshire's music scene and is always on the lookout for new bands and new places to enjoy them. She also enjoys her dogs, cats and, when possible, a day of nothing but movies and sleeping!

Police & Paranormal: The Murder of Dr. William Dean

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you love a good mystery story? Here is your chance to weigh in on an unsolved murder.

The Murder of Dr. William Dean in 1918 is the only unsolved murder in Jaffrey, NH .

Dr. Dean was a Doctor in Jaffrey, NH. He had a boarder living in his home. The boarder was believed to be a German spy. Dr. Dean had information he was going to report to the authorities in Boston . He never made it. He was murdered the evening before he was to travel to Boston to tell the authorities what he knew.

Mystic, intrigue, spies and a lot more surround the facts of this case.

Join us Aug 13th (Friday the 13th) Monadnock Inn in Jaffrey as we explore this fascinating case and hopefully shed more light on it to solve it! There is also a paranormal aspect to the case we will be exploring as well.

Evening includes:
4PM - 12AM

*Trips to the actual murder site, Rindge Historical society to view Dr. Dean's sleigh and coat for clues,

*A delicious Dinner served by the Monadnock Inn.

*A presentation from Bill Driscoll past president of the Jeffery Historical Society with intricate facts of the case and crime scene artifacts to view.

*A report of the paranormal investigation conducted by Sue Allen of the Souhegan Paranormal Investigators on the site of the murder.

*A round table discussion of the trial

Nationally renown professional ghost huntress" CC The Huntress" will discuss ghost hunting techniques and will lead you on a full fledge ghost hunt of the Monadnock Inn.

The Monadnock Inn is believes to be the water hole of Dr. William Dean and the spies.

Did German spies stay at the Inn ?....may be the spirits will tell us.

Registration available only online for this event at http://www.ccthehuntress.com/Drwilliamdeanevent.htm

Brief History
from : http://pages.cthome.net/rspiess/HTML/DeanMurder.htm

In the later part of the First World War the violence of Europe was brought home to Jaffrey in an event that would split the town in controversy for many years. Late at night on August 13, 1918 a very well known and prominent Jaffrey citizen was brutally murdered at his farm just two miles north of East Jaffrey. William Kendrick Dean was brutally murdered after arriving home from a trip to Jaffrey. During the summer of 1918 hundreds of people saw strange lights around the peaks of Mount Monadnock, Pack Monadnock, and Temple Mountain. The lights were of different colors and they were said to be signals to German submarines in Boston Harbor. Boston is only 70 miles from Jaffrey, and from the elevations of the mountains the harbor is easily visible.

Dr. Dean was concerned about the situation and had apparently gotten some information of importance. He had confided to Mrs. Morrison on the day before his murder that he had some information for the authorities in Boston that would be too dangerous for a woman to know. He wanted here to summon the authorities when she went to Boston the next day. That night Dr. Dean was murdered and his body placed in a cistern. He was completely bound, and his head covered with a burlap bag. A 27 lb rock was place in the bag to weigh the body down. The body was found in 6 feet of water in the cistern.

His wife was suspected as well as his tenants and even some prominent citizens of Jaffrey and friends of Dr. Dean. Because of the paranoia of World War I and the suspected German activities in the area this murder quickly took on the implications of a spy novel with international connections. The Colfelts, who rented the main house on the Dean Farm, were suspected as German spy's as well as being murderers.

Many accounts were written about the murder and subsequent investigation. Some families had their own histories written on the subject. This is still an unsolved mystery and yet it was well documented at the time between the government inquiries, the newspaper, private investigators, and finally the grand jury investigation. All were unable to prove who committed the crime. As late as 1996 accounts were being written about that long ago murder.

Almost everyone in Jaffrey at the time was involved or at least on one side of the issue or the other. If your family had ties to the town in 1918 it may be interesting for you to research their recollection of this crime. Even more than 80 years after the event the controversy still exists and feelings are still felt.


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