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Jessica is the NH.com Editor and Producer. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Chester College of NE, and a M.Ed. specializing in Adult Education from Plymouth State University. She is happily married and a proud mama of two perfect little boys and is motivated to alert New Hampshirites to the hottest goings-on in the state. Her interests include cracking the spine of a good book, writing, painting and cuddling with her babies on the sofa while some terrible reality TV hums in the background.

NH Mac & Cheese Mix-ins to Melt the Winter Blues

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's warming up this week, but Thursday's slight snow prediction reminds us that we still have a few weeks of winter left to survive.

In honor of the New Hampshire's Own Mac & Cheese Bake-off, we continue to ask Facebook fans for their favorite Macaroni-mix-ins! Mac and cheese is a staple comfort food in our area, and we wanted to share some new and innovative ways to warm our winter bellies! My suggestion was broccoli, grilled chicken, and bacon in a cheddar and mozzarella cheese blend. Here are some other ideas from fans:

Nothing, I love it as is... though broccoli does sound good! - Rachael

Jalapenos and barbecue sauce - Jim

Broccoli mainly, sometimes canned corn and tuna fish nom nom - Lylah

Nothing. I don't think the kids would eat it if I added anything to it. - Crystal

Raw onions and tomatoes, jalapeƱos. - Gail

Bacon. Pepperoni. - Shaun

BACON!! - Laurie

Ketchup! - Jeanne

Crisp bacon on top. - Kim

Sliced hot dogs or ground hamburger. - Mindy

Caramelized sweet onion and zucchini - Lisa

Chili. - Gretchen

Broccoli, cubed ham steak, and a little extra cheddar... So good! - Kathy

Hamburger, kielbasa, hot dogs. - Michele

Ham. - Kimberly

Use 3 different kinds of cheese. Find a blend you like. Mix in a bag of organic frozen peas. Make sure there is no freezer burn. Fresh chives or cayenne pepper are my favorite spices. Sometimes I add bits and pieces of Whole Foods' black forest ham. A light sprinkle of crushed homemade croutons help make a little crunchy crust. If you really want to win, make your own pasta by hand! Buy cheese from a real foodee. - Peggy

Add some a half can of jalapeno peppers....to a mild MAC and cheese....stir fry some chicken with Italian seasoning and you have rattle snake pasta.... - Joy

A blend of cheeses, grated five year old Gouda and parm, sharp cheddar, Swiss , American, cream cheese, half and half, butter, onion powder, salt, pepper, paprika, last but not least a couple of shakes of Kraft MacNCheese seasoning. Sometimes ...I can bacon and ham too - Trudy

My Mom always uses Hoffman's sharp cheese and Ritz cracker crumb topping. I love to add broccoli or cauliflower. - Jean

A pound of ground beef or turkey & chunky mild salsa. - Jefferey

Nothing beats hot dogs or Cheddarwurst added to Mac and Cheese! - Don

If we have leftover ground beef with the taco seasoning, we add it to the top....or mix in. very good - Deb

A little Texas Pete's and as always, make it from scratch! - Kimberly

I've added BBQ sauce, sour cream, cream cheese, mustard, ketchup.....not all at once thought. Favorite's gotta be the BBQ sauce! - Jen

I add bacon to mine - Ashley

Swiss cheese (in addition to whatever other type you use)! - Andrea

What are some other Granite State comfort foods... What dishes do we grill/bake/cook better than the other 49 states? Post your recipe in the comment section below, or join our conversation on Facebook!


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