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NH Wine Week Events 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's time to bid farewell to our spiked egg nog and greet this new year with appreciation for some finer spirits. New Hampshire Wine Week, or sometimes Winter Wine Week, supported by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, is actually a season-long wine tasting celebration.

Official festivities kick-off next week on Monday, January 27th. The pinnacle NH Wine Week event is the 11th Annual Easter Seals Winter Wine Spectacular on Thursday, January 30th in Manchester. This event, as always, will benefit the Easter Seals NH in their mission to help individuals with disabilities and special needs, and their families, live better lives. Wine-themed food and drink events will continue into March through the beginning of spring, including a new southern NH celebration, the Chocolate, Wine & Cheese Event.

I am no wine expert, by any means. I appreciate a good Chianti for flavor, and nearly any white wine for fragrance (though I don't usually imbibe the dryer pours). I have been to a couple of wine tastings, they can be pretty fun! If you're a novice wine drinker, here are a few basic vocab words to get you started! The Chicago Wine School has a great full list! See below for some upcoming NH Wine Week Events near you!

: the portion of the smell of a wine derived specifically from the grape variety, as opposed to that portion of the smell derived from other sources.

Balance: a balanced wine is one whose constituents--sugar, acids, tannins, alcohols, etc.--are evident but do not mask one another. A young red wine--tannic and acidic-- is not considered balanced because these two characteristics mask the other flavor elements of the wine, which, given time, may display themselves.

Bananas: very young wines--tank samples, wines that have undergone a very cold fermentation or freshly bottled wines--will often smell like bananas.

Clean: having no off-odors or off-tastes.

Dry: a dry wine is one without noticeable sweetness. Technically, a dry wine retains little or no sugar after fermentation.

Finish: the sensual impression -- long or short, strong or weak --that lingers after you have swallowed a wine; a.k.a. "aftertaste".

Flat: a wine without acid tang.

Flowery: an indeterminate fragrance akin to flowers in general.

Fruity: a pleasant fragrance from ripe grapes made into wine; a berry-like quality akin to fruits in general.

Full: see big, a full-bodied wine.

Grapey: similar to fresh, also applied to wines which smell and taste like fresh-picked grapes.

Here are some NH Wine Week events for the next week. Looking for more NH Wine Week events? Check out the NH.com Events Calendar at www.NHEvents.com and search under subject category Food and Drink.

NH Wine Week: Robert Sinskey Vineyards Wine Dinner
Plainfield, NH
Monday, January 27

NH Wine Week: Tasting and Bottle Signing
West Lebanon, NH
Monday, January 27

Steele Wine Dinner for NH Wine Week
Exeter, NH
Tuesday, January 28

Date Night

Rochester, NH
Tuesday, January 28

NH Wine Week: Bottle Signing and Tasting featuring J Vineyards Pinot Gris
Portsmouth, NH
Wednesday, January 29

NH Wine Week: Bottle Signing and Tasting featuring Cecchi Chianti Clsc
Salem, NH
Wednesday, January 29

NH Wine Week: Bottle Signing and Tasting featuring Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma
Concord, NH
Thursday, January 30

Wine and Cheese Tasting Social
Hampstead, NH
Thursday, January 30

11th Annual Easter Seals Winter Wine Spectacular
Manchester, NH
Thursday, January 30

NH Wine Week: Bottle Signing and Tasting featuring Barricia Zinfandel
Manchester, NH
Friday, January 31


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