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What's In A Name? Flower Color Meanings & Ways To Say I Love You

Friday, February 14, 2014

By Stephanie Ring
Merrimack Flower Shop

Valentine's Day brings out the romance in all of us, and with romance and Valentine's Day, thoughts of flowers, candy, jewelry, and stuffed animals come to mind. As you shop for your Valentine, you may wonder which flowers truly express your feelings. The language of flowers, also referred to as floriography, was a means of communication years ago where flowers were used to send coded messages to express feelings that could not always be spoken. Although language nuances may have been forgotten, to those in the floral industry, flowers still speak.

Say it with roses
The one flower most people remember as having a meaning is the red rose, which totally shouts out "I LOVE YOU." All roses mean love, but colors more specifically define what they are saying. Pink roses, while beautiful in their own right, simply show a slightly lesser affection than the red rose. A white rose suggests virtue or reverence, and a yellow rose always lets the recipient know that the sender is a true friend. A lavender rose means love at first sight, as does a rose without thorns (although not easy to find). Roses can be combined to say things also, such as a mix of red and white roses show you are united, or a collaboration of red and yellow roses say you are happy and excited.

Symbolically speaking
To help you place your next floral arrangement, we have comprised a small list of some of the more commonly known flowers and their meanings. A lilac symbolizes the first emotions of love, or you could say "I'm proud of you" with some amaryllis. If you want to wish someone good luck, be sure to ask for some Bells of Ireland in your arrangement. And, of course, there is the carnation, which means love or fascination in general. More specifically, a red carnation could say "My heart aches for you" or a pink to say, "You are always on my mind." Daisies mean innocence, faith, or cheer, while an iris would say, "I have good news." To say "Thank you," ask for sweetpea or white lilies to show purity. For the upcoming spring, tulips say love and daffodils represent unrequited love.

Now that you have a little background on the language of love, this year on Valentine's Day you can say it all with flowers. But remember, nothing says "I LOVE YOU" quite like roses.

Merrimack Flower Shop & Greenhouse offers everything you need for a perfectly romantic Valentine's Day. From a vast floral selection, to gifts, and more, pick some flowers that say I love you this Valentine's Day.


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