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Food & Wine Pairing Guide

Wine pairing can be difficult. There are reds, whites, blushes, and many options in between. As a general rule, red wine goes with just about anything. But if you are looking for some more ideas, here are some very basic rules-of-thumb:


  • - Pair red meat with red wine
  • - Pair white meat with white wine
  • - Pair seafood with white wine


  • - Pair red pasta sauce with red wine
  • - Pair white pasta sauce with white wine


  • - Pair chocolate with red wine
  • - Pair fruit with white wine

The Difference Between Ale & Lager

Beer aficionados can often tell the difference between an ale and a lager. Here are some of the differences:


Ale has a warmer fermentation process. They are amber-colored, and have a bitter or robust flavor and higher alcoholic content.


Lager has a cooler fermentation process. Their colors range from very light to very dark. a kind of beer. They are effervescent, with a smooth, crisp body.

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